Senthil Kumaran

Senthil Kumaran is an independent visual storyteller from South India. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science but an immense interest in visual arts from his childhood led him to pursue a full-time career in photography. His work focuses on social, environmental issues with a personal approach. Over the past 8 years, his work has turned into Environmental & Wildlife Projects. Now he is working on various reserves in India, to document his longtime project of Human & animal Conflict issues. Notable among them is his documentation of various marine ecology and the underlying issues in Gulf of Mannar, a photo story on the illegal animal trade in Cambodia, and more recently his documentary on captive wild elephants in South India. He has also been involved in developing interpretation centres for Wildlife sanctuaries and has made various conservation documentary films also.

He has won several awards from international organizations like POYi (International Picture of the Year), World Report Award, Istanbul Photo Awards, National Geographic, WWF, Pano, Nature Image Awards, UNESCO, etc. His works have also been exhibited in various galleries in Italy, China, London, France, USA, Singapore, Sharjah, Cambodia, Geneva & Malaysia.

In 2007, he won the “Geographical Photographer of the Year Award” from Royal Geographic Society, London. He has been selected  for “World Press Photo” Talent Program 6x6 Asia Region, 2019, Netherlands.

Kumaran lives and works in Madurai.

  • From the project “Tamed Tuskers”