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Given the great uncertainty introduced by Covid-19 and the consequent limitations on public gathering, a part of the biennale project takes the form of an online journal - a website and accompanying series of podcasts that will showcase artistic and theoretical content that responds to these drastic shifts and its impact upon artistic production, perception, reception, and curation.

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Peer, Ponder, Play! is an activity book for curious learners of all ages. Based on themes from Edition 3 of the Chennai Photo Biennale, this book aims to take you on a journey of Looking. Tag along with 20 delightfully illustrated activities to make comics and hand-made portraits, discover creatures, read astonishing trivia, and learn to question and create while explore everything you love about the world around you.

Available in English, Tamil and Hindi.

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This is Home is an exhibition showcasing the journey of students rediscovering home in times of pandemic. The photographs showcased in the exhibition reflect the continuous dialogue the participants have with their environment, and how those conversations are translated into an image.

The exhibition explores these multitudes of dialogues and discoveries through five perspectives: House, People, Objects, Neighborhood, and Self.

Check out the exhibition here.

CPB Prism engages with young photographers all year long to work on long and short-term projects. This year, we’ve had the pleasure of working with students through virtual, hybrid and in-person programs on varied themes. Photographs from several of these programs will be showcased at the Government Museum, Egmore in January, 2022 as part of CPB Edition III.

Coming soon - Jan 2022

We have a series of online and offline programs coming up in the next few months, including photowalks on the seashore with Yuvan Aves on December 26 and January 9, a cyanotype workshop in collaboration with Goethe-Institut from 13-16 December, and a Photo Mela at The Folly, Chennai, on December 19.

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At the CPB Foundation, we strongly believe in and stand by the power and value of good visual journalism and are excited to bring back the CPB Photo Awards - which will be a yearly opportunity going forward.

Last day to apply - 15th December, 2021. Submissions can be made in three categories - News and Current Affairs, Climate Change and Conservation, and Social Documentary.

Details and application here

Photography and Film have the power to tell incredible stories, and shine a light on important issues and hidden tales. Which is why diversity in this space is critical; but the gender gap behind the camera still persists. As a small step towards addressing the issue, Studio A and CPB Foundation joined hands to start Kanavu Fellowship - a one year long program in photography and film-making for women who are yearning to make a difference through their storytelling. From hundreds of applications, five deserving candidates have been chosen for the 2021-2022 batch. In this exhibit, the Kanavu fellows have come together to reflect on the themes of the Chennai Photo Biennale, and have strived to create a dialogue with the viewer. They have presented the way they see the world through their pictures. We welcome you to take part in this conversation.

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Imagining the Nation State is a grant that was made possible with the support of British Council and Wales Arts Council and awarded to CPB Foundation and it’s Welsh partner, Image credits: Palani Kumar

Diffusion/Ffotogallery. As a collaborative initiative, this resulted in a year long activation of projects and artistic interpretations emerging out of India and Wales by Dipanwita Saha, Huw Alden Davies, Palani Kumar, Sebastian Bustamante and Tarun Bhartiya. The works were shown at Diffusion Festival in Wales in Oct 2021.

Check out the exhibition here

Cyanotype was invented in 1842 and is one of the oldest forms of alternative printing that is relatively safe, affordable, and easy to do at home. In today's hyper-digital era, the process has made a significant comeback and has a renewed relevance and widespread community base. The team at CPB Foundation has been exploring the magic of the Cyanotype process. Working with your hands, with simple chemistry, sunlight and tap water, cyanotype allows anyone interested to express themselves in shades of blue.

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The Iyarkai grant was established to support lens based work and research in the environment and conservation space by young and emerging photographers identifying as female

Image credits: Komo Bekoduku by Millo Ankha

around themes of wildlife, vegetation, land, ecology, natural resource management, ecotourism, climate crisis, and related social issues. Millo Ankha's work Komo Bekoduku, an exploration of the Indigenous vision and perspective of conservation was awarded the Iyarkai grant in 2021. It intends to document the local flora and their various uses and significance in the cultural, spiritual and medicinal practices of the Apatanis from Ziro Valley.

Read more about the works here


Chennai Photo Biennale is founded and organised by the CPB Foundation and Goethe-Institut Chennai, and is dedicated to promoting the photographic art form across demographics.

The CPB Foundation’s primary focus area is photography education and discourse throughout the year, culminating in a city-wide public-art photography festival every two years that becomes a platform to showcase, and an opportunity to network with international, national and local artists and curators.

For over 50 years, the Goethe-Institut Chennai has been promoting an ongoing dialogue and exchange between Indian and German artists and experts in order to present German culture abroad and help shape a current understanding of Germany today.

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