Beyond the Rule of Thirds

In collaboration with KitKarma - India's first, safe, peer to peer, photography equipment sharing platform, we bring you a one of a kind free lecture - demonstration on the art of composition.


Most beginners are taught the ‘Rule of Thirds’ as a technique by their mentors. In most cases this rule works and in most cases photographers do not learn any technique beyond this. This leads to monotony in pictures which is often mistaken for ‘style’. There is much more to Composition than just Rule of Thirds. Join mentor-photographer and founder, KitKarma - PV Subramanian in exploring and understanding the art of composition.


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Please note that the registrations close on 3 October 2020 at 10AM IST.








How to master composition - A Practical aspect


The workshop will be conducted online.The intent of the Workshop is to ensure you become a much better photographer and start creating good work.




SUBRAMANIAN P V (  || @portraitsbypv)

A Chartered accountant, an MIT Sloan alumni and the founder of, P V Subramanian (PV) began his tryst with photography 31 years ago and has explored almost all genres in photography. Shooting with film, slides and then digital, he now shoots seamlessly with film and also the digital medium. After shooting almost all genres during his formative years he currently specializes in weddings and portraiture.PV is a Profoto mentor and an ambassador for Sigma.